4355 Laurel Rd | Brunswick, Ohio 44212


It’s awesome. I love it. I really do like it here. Everyone is so nice. I like everybody here. I have no complaints. I would just recommend it to everybody. It’s nice and clean and the food is good. I really have no complaints. And my family likes it too!

Mary Ann

My wife and I are extremely happy with the time we spent at Brunswick Pointe. My wife was here for her health care. We are grateful for the excellent care that she received from the staff and we would definitely recommend this place to our own family and friends.

We both want to say a big thank you to all the hard work that the staff put in during my wife’s stay and for all the help and kindness they showed to the both of us. All of you at Brunswick Pointe are a great team! Thank you all very much for your help!

Paul and Sandra

I would like to take this time to say how grateful we are to the staff at Brunswick Pointe. From the moment we called to now they have been helpful and have walked us through every step of this journey we started on back in December. I will tell you that we were not prepared for the decisions we have had to face recently, and they have made the transition smooth for us and my mother in law.

My mother in law needs long term care among many other issues, from the beginning she has had to go through many changes as far as life changes and with her medications. She was not a happy person going in. Just in the few months she has been with this team, she has improved greatly. She is happy about life, she is gaining weight, her attitude is amazing, she is positive about people, she wants to be involved in activities, and she has made friends. She is sleeping well, and is even mending family relationships. I attribute this change to the amazing staff. Each one including social services, the doctors and nurses. They all work together so well to get everything done for you and your loved one.

Jeff and Tammy

My mother, Lauretta, was in need of rehab after a hospital stay. We chose Brunswick Pointe and could not be happier with our choice. My mother has always refused to go to a skilled nursing facility because she used to work in one as a housekeeping supervisor. Her experience at Brunswick Pointe changed her outlook and she felt at home her entire stay. She loved the staff that cared for and made friends with some residents during her stay. After working with therapy and nursing, she has regained her strength and is now able to return home. We are hopeful she will be able to stay home, but if she does require rehabilitation again, she will be going to Brunswick Pointe!
Thank you so much to all the kind staff at Brunswick Pointe, we appreciate all you do!


Marge came to Brunswick Pointe after a bad stay at another location, we met with the Admissions Director, Angela, who was very helpful. We liked what we saw and knew that Brunswick Pointe would do us well with therapy and proper care.

From the start, all employees were very nice and caring. Every staff member helped Marge to get better and stay that way. The Therapy department helped Marge to get to the point that she is at today! We will be going home in about a week and I have confidence that things will work out for us at home because of the care at Brunswick Pointe. We were very pleased with the inspection of our home to ensure that our home would be safe for Marge’s safe return.

Thanks to all of the help Marge had during her recovery. All Nurses, STNAs, Office Staff, Housekeeping/Laundry, Dietary and Maintenance make the difference in the way Brunswick Pointe is managed.

Thank you all,

Ken & Marge

Thank you all!
There comes a time in every person's life when help is needed, to survive an illness or a fall, or recovery from all of the above.
Brunswick Pointe is an example of professionalism. I first came here for a stay when this facility first opened. I asked to be placed here again after my foot surgery.


I have had a wonderful stay at Brunswick Pointe. Everyone has been so great and caring, the nurses have been so prompt and active. I truly respect and honor the therapists who work hard with patients. I would like to thank everyone who made my stay very enjoyable...and I truly mean everyone.

Thanks to all

Anna S.

This is a beautiful place and I would recommend it to anybody. The staff are wonderful and the therapy is very good. I myself worked in the therapy department in the hospital for 20 years and this therapy was comparable to that.

Mary L.

The staff here is awesome- from the nurses, aides, PT, OT, ect. I was treated respectfully, and all of my concerns and questions were answered in a timely manner. Also, they kept my son informed. Thanks to all!

Mary Ann R.

As I walked into the door of this beautiful facility I was stopped by smiles and kindness, of people that I did not even know. I started my therapy right away and they were also kind and inspired me with hope to get stronger to go home to my family, that I love very much. There is so much to say about Brunswick Pointe, I truly loved my experience here. I felt like family as soon as I walked in and all my anxiety was released

Dina P.

I would totally recommend staying here. I will be coming back if rehab is needed in the future. The kitchen staff has been better than I have ever had anywhere else. Food was awesome. The staff (including nurses, STNA’s, therapy, activities, hair salon, nutrition and front office) helped getting me walking, talking, eating, and taking care of myself so I can go home.

Unlike other places I tried, what I liked the most was I didn’t have to wait an hour for help. Thank you Brunswick Pointe...I love you.

Nora K.

This has been my second stay with Brunswick Pointe. June and July of 2018 I was cared for sepsis which led to c-diff. I was a sick puppy. The caring Brunswick Pointe staff brought me back. So then with this ankle transplant my decision was easy. I can’t stress enough the excellent care I’ve received both times I was at Brunswick Pointe. I highly recommend.

Bruce S.

I am thrilled. The nurses are fabulous and so caring. They do not just walk to their patients, they run. Everyone is well dressed and so kind. I wish I could take them home with me, I cannot believe how caring they are. The place is so well kept. There is nobody here that I have met that is not nice. This place is extraordinary. People should feel good and secure about coming here.

Julianne F.